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A new city…

A New Life.

Helping you build
real Community &
real Belonging

Annette Walters
WholeLife Relocation Coach

   A new city…

a New Life.      

Helping you build
real Community &
real Belonging

Annette Walters

Certified Life Coach

This is about a whole life…one that includes you.

This is about a whole life ~ one that includes you.

Life changes – fifteen relocations, career, marriage, motherhood, empty nesting, career changes, entrepreneurship, personal growth…and many evolving life seasons.
Life is always changing.


I'm Annette

Fifteen Relocations…
I know how it feels to be without
a sense of community and belonging.

Sometimes building it was easy, while other times I was

stuck, alone &…waiting, sometimes years,
to find it.

This is no way to live. 
I discovered how to create both.

I help women create 
Community & Belonging
no matter their circumstance,
season or address.

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Words of Gratitude

Moving Forward
During my sessions with Annette, we got to the heart of some of the thoughts that have caused big blockages to me moving forward in my life. She taught me the importance of thoughts and how to rewrite those that no longer serve me by creating new ones which inch me closer to where I want to be. Annette's warmth and intuitive sense makes the process very welcoming and natural. I looked forward to meeting with her each week. It was lovely to work with Annette and see the progress I made in the short time we had together. I will continue to use the tools I learned in our sessions. I'm very grateful for her service!
Ella ~ Texas
Developed a Roadmap
I am in the middle of a career change and my wife and I are facing a relocation within the next year. We are excited, but my current job was draining my energy, and I was having a hard time not getting completely burnt out. Annette helped me realize that I have the power to choose the thoughts I have about my circumstance. In just my first week back at work after speaking with Annette, I applied this practice in the workplace and was actively selective of the thoughts. This led to a more positive feeling about my situation, and affected my enthusiasm in my actions. Instead of dreading what the next few months may hold, I now feel invigorated and energized! Annette will help you bring your thoughts to light and develop a roadmap for where you want to go. You have all the power!
Josh ~ Tennesee
Reframing the Negative
I was very grateful to be introduced to Annette Walters. I have been going through a challenging time personally with some relationships with close friends. And without realizing it I had allowed my frustration to consume me and I didn’t realize my thoughts were so negative and were creating such distraction for me. And it helped me to be able to separate my feelings and thoughts about those feelings and then I was able to examine them and reframe a negative situation into a more realistic one without so much drain emotionally. And I felt empowered and positive and knew that I would be able to work with the individuals in a loving way. Thank you Annette!!
Michelle ~ Texas
The Right Questions
I highly recommend Annette Walters as a WholeLife Coach! Annette and I have been working together for the last six weeks and in this short amount of time, I have already seen a shift in my thoughts and behavior. I contribute this in part to Annette’s unique ability to ask the right questions. She listens carefully, without judgement, and seems to easily pick up on the little nuances in the conversation. Annette is passionate about helping others and that really shines through in her work. I also appreciate her calm and caring demeanor because it creates a safe space for me to express and explore. Annette is knowledgeable and resourceful and she effortlessly guides the session along to bring about insight and awareness. I look forward to my continued work with Annette.
Roe - New York