A WandaVision Dream Life

A WandaVision Dream Life

-The first draft may need a re-write-

In my house the last few weeks we have been watching WandaVision. If you somehow have avoided it, I will add enough detail to bring understanding without giving it all away.

WandaVision is a Disney+ live action series that begins as a 50s sitcom much like the Dick Van Dyke show with Wanda and her husband Vision playing the staring roles. It is idyllic full of rote 50s jokes and situations. The noisy neighbor and the new and overbearing boss are introduced in the first episode.

Everything seems perfect until the odd things happen. What’s interesting is that Wanda and Vision seem to be oblivious to the odd things, but as the audience I noticed them. One of the story lines was that they had to hide their identities. She couldn’t show any of her powers and Vision had to appear as a human rather than the android that he is.

Everything seems perfect until the odd things happen.

During the dinner forced up on them by Vision boss, the boss and his wife repeatedly ask, “where are you from” “where are you from” “where are you from”. A seemingly innocent and regular question and yet neither Wanda nor Vision could answer it. The guests then asked with more veracity and determination until “the boss” began to choke on his food. The wife then calling to her husband began to say “Stop it” repeatedly and almost in a haze. To complete the story, Vision saves his boss.

After the guests leave though it is like none of that really every happened. In a bit of a 50s sitcom ending, Wanda and Vision have a chuckle and agree to sit down to watch TV together.

When we arrive in a new place with all of our things, we have an idea as to how this is going to play out. It is the one we crafted when the opportunity to relocate or become an EXPAT was presented. It is the one that we used to say yes and perhaps even choose where we lived.

It was the first draft, much like WandaVision episode one was Wanda’s first version.

Sometimes, It takes a few drafts

Like Wanda and her journey through the sitcoms of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, many times we don’t get the first draft just write (pun intended). Some people seem to nail it on the first draft, but most of us don’t.

Our lives are being reshuffled just like candy at the bottom of the basket.

My best friend in high school was one of those girls who could pull out a piece of paper 45 minutes before the English paper was due and craft an A+ paper every time. For the longest time, I thought that if I just believed I could do that I would be able to. The Cs, Ds and an F proved that the “45 minutes before English class paper” was not my gifting.

My A papers were crafted from trial, error, and many revisions. Initially, I knew what I wanted to say, but until I got it out of my head and on to paper the thoughts and words couldn’t organize themselves into a clear message. In my head everything was floating and not concrete or even connected.

Pulling down thoughts was like going to an expansive candy store. I would wander around looking for those things that I wanted. I’d pull them off the shelves one by one and put them into my basket. Eventually they would all be in a jumble. Each one might be related to the topic, but not necessary to each other or ever in useable order.

When relocating, we are like that kid at the candy shop. We are looking for our favorites. We are avoiding those things we hate and at the same time we are intrigued by the new ones we find. Our lives are being reshuffled just like candy at the bottom of the basket.

And it is up to us as to what we keep and eat.

I want you to know that even those UNICORNS, driving seemingly perfect relocation, are in fact revising too.

We talk a lot in ReloWomen about the vast unknown that we all navigate when relocating. That alone will require a few drafts, so don’t let those Pretty Unicorns get you down. You are capable. They just aren’t exposing their journey.

Telling THREE Stories

When we write our stories in black and white and go one step further to share our stories,
embrace all of who we are,
that is when we live more closely to who we are.

Unlike the lists and simple descriptions, this time I am encouraging you to put your ideas, your dreams and what you learn into a story or a narrative.

On Thursday, we are talking to Lisa Harris from www.LisaHarrisAndCo.com. We talk at length as to how writing and telling our stories to ourselves and others helps us to live lives that we actually want to live. Many time we don’t live these lives because we limit who we are to please others or live within others expectations. We hide our stories in places that breed shame and pain.

When we write our stories in black and white and go one step further to share our stories, embrace all of who we are, that is when we live more closely to who we are.
Let’s begin with the story that is told time and time again. This story is the one that answers the question, “Why are you moving?

We said YES!

This story brings together all the reasons as to why the relocation was chosen. This story will include things like

          – How it will advance this career

          – How it will be nice to be closer to (parks, the ocean, other family, etc.)

          – Learning to live in California, Europe, Asia, etc.

          – Having the opportunity to serve these people (perhaps a missions                                  assignment)

          – Expanding the kids view of the world

          – How the financial lives will be impacted

          – Etc.

Take time to truly tell the story of WHY you and the family said yes to this relocation.

The unique thing about these stories is that they all come from a place of possibility. When we are asked why, our brain get creative to answer. Some of the answers are based on what we hope we can do and some justify our move to those wanting us to stay. All of them look forward with hope and optimism as to what this move could mean for us and our families.

Remembering this keeps us buoyant through the process and help us to see the new things that will be potential fits for us.

Where we have landed

Our stories about our new communities begin before we even land. We research all the areas and find things we never got to do in the previous home. Perhaps we could live a few blocks from the lake or perhaps this school system as a language immersion program. What could life be like? What can we do here that we have never done before?

Once landed and we become immersed in the “being there”, the fire hose of information really opens up.

We begin to keep lists of things we can do and see. We tryout new clubs or explore charities that speak to us.

The emails served as a way for me to wrap my head around where I had moved to,
as well as keeping family and friends informed.

Now is the time to start writing the stories of life here partly in present tense and partly in future tense. We will not have experienced everything yet. That takes a few seasons. But we are beginning to see the rhythm of life here. What others do, what we can do and such.

For me, the story of where we have landed was most easily told in email format. When I moved to London, I wrote email after email back home typically on a daily basis. I wrote not out of homesickness, but to help my mother and sister see and feel what it was like to live in my new community 3500 miles away.

These emails were ones of both discovery and finding my normal. I talked a few weeks ago about finding Aunt Jemimah syrup in a US boutique and how excited I was to find it. I talked about the daily treks to the park with a 2 year old and about the people that I met, both new friends and shop keepers.

The emails served as a way for me to wrap my head around where I had moved to, as well as keeping family and friends informed. To have a place to write down that information was helpful as I crafted my new life in London.

Weaving Old and New

Just like with the American Syrup there was so much that I needed to bring into my new life to ground me. It wasn’t everything from my past life, but it was enough to ground be and give me a firm place to step off into all of the new that was around me.

Weaving Old and New ~ The most important of the three stories and yet it cannot exist without the other two.

When we moved to Dallas from Minnesota the grounding items were “like” activities that we had all done in the past. My son of course began public school and I volunteered. While my husband was on the road as usual, I joined women’s groups like I had before and search for those that best matched who I was and my values. We took day trips to see the state and explored until we found the best pizza.

These things made our new community seem normal.

From here we then started integrating in the new. And once we weaved it all together, then we found a sense of home.

Weaving Old and New ~ The most important of the three stories and yet it cannot exist without the other two.

When we weave all of this together that is where we create our new lives. A new life chosen and lived on purpose is the life where we all live our best lives. When we create an intentional life, we are living as who we are…all of us. And isn’t that how we want to live, as all of who we are?

This story is best told backwards but rather than waiting until 4 or 5 years have passed, write this story now as if it were 4 or 5 years from now. Incorporate all that is in the stories before and now:

          – Why we still….

          – How ________ impacted our lives in surprising ways…

          – How this choice propelled the career

          – What the children have learned because of relocating

          – What everyone has gotten to do?

          – What is missed

          – How ______ helped us to take on this challenge and thrive

          – Who we have met

          – Who we have brought into our lives and why

          – How life had changed for each of us

          – What we will do differently next time

The last one there “what we will do differently next time” is an important one because it brings with it an assumption that there are many ways to navigate a relocation and with seeing options, everything becomes FIGURE-OUT-ABLE. A wonderful empowering place to be no matter what season of life we are in.

I do hope this helps you write Your Dream Relocation Story and that find the power within you to live it.


Striking a chord??

If this resonates with you and you would like to explore more about this, I encourage you to reach out and set up a chat with me. Choose a day and time that works for you.

My WholeLife Relocation Program helps you tap into your power and create your best relocation life.

Have a wonderful week!!

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