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Hi! I am Annette

…And I am passionate about you, relocating well!!

To transform relocation and
the relocation experience

To help women establish a sense of home as they navigate corporate relocation

To create Love, Joy and Connection.

Relocation’s valuable life lessons


Close family relationships

My Story

Relocation began at six months old, and continues to this day.

18 moves in a lifetime across the country and around the world.  13 relocations with 2 expat years and 5 in-city moves.

I LOVE relocating.
It wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns, but let’s face it,
life is rarely all sunshine and unicorns.

In each of the relocation there was something lacking. We got a help with real estate and moving our things…
but what about the rest of our lives?

In 2017, I began sharing my experience and knowledge through a blog called ReloMoms.  It featured articles, research and resources I had accumulated and created over the previous 25 years to solve my relocation problems. 

In 2020, I partnered with The Life Coach School.
This year long certification helped me create relocation coaching tools to personalize  WholeLife relocation solutions.

a WholeLife Relocation Coaching company was born.

Let’s create a WholeLife Relocation for you!


Annette Walters
Chief ReloChampion, ReloWomen
Currently living in the wilds of Texas with her husband, son and dog Coco. 
Always looking for the next adventure!

BA Business/Human Resources University of St. Thomas MN, GMS – Global Mobility Specialist Worldwide ERC, Certified Life Coach – The Life Coach School & lifetime researcher