Not the tourist stuff…yet.

It is so easy to find and yet, the Arch in St. Louis, the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta or the Longhorns in Fort Worth… those are for the tourists, and your friends and family to when they visit.  This is about finding things to do in your new town.

You need to start where the real people are.  The people who will make up your everyday community.

Therefore, turn to the real people: your neighbors, your kids friend’s parents and work colleagues are at the local hangouts.  These are tried and true tested events, businesses and places they go to with their family and friends.  Comfortable and engaging, they are places and events where you can settle in, like you live here.


Since this depends on what YOU like to DO,  let’s start with MUSIC.

Music plays a big part in most people’s lives.  After years of living through bitter cold winters of Minnesota, my family loves being outside.  With months of indoor hibernation, we crave star lit evenings with a breeze and a band in the background.  Now in the south, we be outside most of the year.

IMAGINE your favorite Music space.  Perhaps a version of it is here too.

In searching the area you will find that most cities have music in abundance. From Bach to Boston, you will find Orchestras, jazz bands, bell choirs and tribute bands around everywhere.  Indoors or outdoors there is most likely something close by.  If the outdoors speaks to you and you cannot find a band, pack a picnic basket, choose a park, grab your blanket, chairs & a Bluetooth speaker.  Improvise & Enjoy!


Comic Con
Finding Awesome Ice Cream

Because, much of what you enjoy will be available where you go, finding what you like to do will help you establish your normal. With the boxes still needing to be unpacked and living with a sense of unrest, doing what you love is an imperative.

It is in doing what you love in the midst of the chaos, that will bring a sense of peace.  Fun will seem like a luxury you have no time for.  But the pressure of settling EVERYTHING, is overwhelming and therefore needs to be tackled in chunks.  In between, creating that sense of fun for everyone cuts the pressure and strengthens those relationships.

So go ahead, take a moment to sign the kids up for soccer.  Wander off to a local festival for a few hours.  Explore the restaurants around and dedicate time to get to know where you are.  Afterwards, you will find the energy to unpack another box.

So How do you find these amazing things to do?  See our next blog


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