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In Relocation, to Know Thyself is to expedite relocation.  In many of these blogs I talk about knowing who in order to you make good decision the first time.  Here I’d like to share some of the tools I’ve used to understand myself better.

Types of Tests

All of these tests come in one format, question and inventory.

Their difference lies in what they are assessing.  Each take a different element of who we are and breaks it down. As a result, if we choose, we know what pieces to change or modify.

Personality – Meyer Briggs, DISC, 4 Elements of Success

There are lots of tools to understand how you work

Many of us have taken these tests in school or at work.  It wasn’t until I read Laurie Beth Jones book “The 4 Elements of Success” that I finally got it.  Though she names the 4 quadrants differently, the descriptions and definitions finally made usable sense

Another online source to “dip you tow in the water” is www.personalityhackers.com.  They have a free Meyers-Briggs type test and will give you one of the 16 designations from INTJ to ENFP.  I found both their website and podcast informative.

Talents &Interests – StrenghFinders2.0

The little StrengthFinders2.0 book is a favorite among many people.  Though their book and online test I found out that I have Ideation and Woo.  What is woo?  It is about bringing people together.

This survey goes well beyond the 4 quadrants and give a little more insight to your talents and interests.

Whether you are finding activities for yourself or finding a new job it is worth the $17.99.

Stress Tendencies -Birkman Personality Test

Knowing how I respond to stress has been the most interesting out of the 3 types for me.  Though I’ve recently realized I am not go with the flow, that is how I fancied myself.  Therefore, I assumed that I responded the same in both no stress and high stress situations.

The Birkman Personality Test showed me that wasn’t always the case.  In some cases depending on the type of stress I would flip to the opposite side in my response.  It was fascinating and definitely helped me understand that I didn’t know everything about me. 

For more information contact LifeSync Leadership LLC https://lifesyncleadership.com/

What about the kids?

If you have kids over the age of 12 all of the tests can provide revelations to you and them.  Above all of the children, those at the high school level will likely benefit the most.

Why again is this helpful?

Know thyself is about living a life you want to live.

Not the one you grew up with.  Not the one Netflix showed you.  Not the fantasy Hallmark sold you.

Therefore, by knowing thyself, you live the life that you choose.  The life that supports what you want to be doing in 2 years.  The life that is purposeful.  With YOUR PURPOSE.

Take sometime again, to slow down and make sure you know thyself.  Life will be much more fun.

Take sometime again, to slow down and make sure you know thyself.  Life will be much more fun.

For ideas on challenging the old normal check out http://relomoms.com/relo_challenge_the_new_normal/

Annette Walters is a writer, blogger, 13 move survivor and recent empty-nester.  She might just buy an Airstream and explore the country with her husband and Coco.


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