Planting your community group

Plant_in_Hands_50.jpgCreating your own community group allows you to do what you love while meeting people who share your enthusiasm and passion.  Here are a few simple steps and friendly communities to plant your group in.

Friendly places to plant your group

Sitting at home you won’t find to many people to come and chat.  But if you start up a mid-morning group for PTA moms at the local coffee shop you have an easy audience and location.

Both will be interested and you get to choose the topic or reason.

PTA always needs ways to connect the moms to one another.  This drives overall participation not only in the PTA but in the school they support.  Locating it at the local coffee shop gives the PTA more friendly access to future donations or participation of the coffee shop in PTA events.

The Coffee Shop also benefits.  The simple and regular game time brings in people who may not frequent the coffee shop.  The event provides regular and predictable revenue for that day and time.  And finally it gives the access to the PTA as a whole, whether as a silent auction/meeting sponsor as well as providing an additional friendly place for other PTA committees to meet.

Places with People

An easier way is to establish your group within an existing community.  Whether it be a church, you child’s school, the chamber of commerce or the library all of the places have both space to loan and a membership that is easy to communicate with.

One local church allowed their member to teach Spanish there.  Market demand for Spanish existed but was not available outside of the community college.  She taught adults during the day and children after school.  The conversational groups connected the students connected to each other because of their individual desires to learn a new language.

The local library provides both meeting space and access to the community.

Love photography and want to share it with others?  Start up a group that seeks out the best place to take seasonal photos.  The library will advertise it on their boards, online, newsletters, email and on their calendar.  Set it up with an RSVP to collect emails.

Create a schedule of both technique presentations from the membership as well as community meet up to practice.  You will meet a wide variety of people and everyone will have something to share.

Out of the Box

Girlfriend travel / museum groups / history buffs / rock climbing / sailing club

Start talking to people and ask if they or someone they know likes to ________.

You are not the only

  • One from out of state/country
  • Long distance bike rider
  • Empty Nester
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • College Junior
  • Patriots fan, etc.

Starting with a commonality will get you to common interests.
And ultimately community group buddies.

Get the word out

Look for your people among those who want to be part of their community.

Advertise a local meet up on Meetup, Facebook Groups, the local Chamber of Commerce, the school, the library and anywhere you can get free or near free advertising.

Display a flyer at the local coffee shop, salons, grocery stores and library.  Any place that has a community flyer bulletin board.  This also gives you a reason to talk with the owner and employees.

Hair dressers for example talk to different people all day long.  If they have a client from out of town looking for connections, they will tee up your group/event/meeting.  It will make them look good and help you create your community group.

Start where you are comfortable and branch out from there.  People want to help other people, especially when it is as easy as telling their friends about something fun.


Annette Walters ~ a new empty nester with a passion for encouraging other ReloMoms and living in Texas while searching out her next adventure beyond.

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