Relocation erases your call listWho to Call??

After moving in, not having someone to call for advice or a referral is the first thing you realize you don’t have.

Something has broken, someone is sick or
you just need to know how the local process of ______ works.

The only local people you know are your realtor, mortgage banker and the moving guys who just left.  Though they want to help, they don’t know you and cannot recommend based on who you are and what you actually need.

My mother, another seasoned ReloMom of 14 moves, will tell you that as nice as these people are, most have not relocated.  They are rarely in a similar life stage or have the perspective needed to answer a ReloMom question.

As a ReloMom, you should have a great deal of skepticism in their ability to provide you with good matches.  It is not intent.  But you need to filter everything they share, and check it against who you are and what you know.

With that being said, they will be your best resource in the short term,
so let’s help them help you!

Having a succinct definition of (1) how you work and (2)what types of people work best with you will fast track good answers.  START by asking your current friends!

Call Trusted Friends

If you were back in Chicago (or any previous home town), you would call Suzi to borrow the lawn mower or Tom from PTA Dads about who painted their house.  Today you are going to call these friends to ask them about you.

Ever heard friends say, “When I walk into my new house, I will just know it.”  It’s the same with people.  We trust that we will just feel it when we meet the right people.  In a HURRY,…maybe, maybe not.

Being new, you typically don’t have that kind of time.  Putting your life together requires insert name of handyman, professional or doctor, NOW.  Your long distance friends many not know those people, but they will have insight as to how your choose these people.

WHY Call??

A Similar Perspective.  Perhaps a similar life stage, a special skill or you just know them.  Talking about the mundane and important over a few years gives insight.  They witnessed you choose, those successes and the failures.

Trust who you Call

These are the people you already trust for a recommendation, with your kids and know they will show up in an emergency.  You again trust them as you evaluate their recommendations now.

The attached worksheet will give you a framework to identify these people and why they will help you in different areas.

What this will boils down to is your experience with each one and the values you share.  Everyone will not be perfectly aligned in everything but all of it will help you choose who to put on your local call list.

It’s nerve racking to put this together on the fly.  This initial list will be better because of a few phone calls to those who know you.

Click here for the worksheet.

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