Packing up and Too Much Stuff

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Today I received my daily dose of happiness from author Gretchen Rubin.  In it she included this quote:

“Yet occasionally we discover in the folds of an old handkerchief a shell or insignificant stone that had once embodied our happiest of afternoons.” — Patti Smith, Just Kids

Moment of Happiness: June 25, 2020

As we go through our things in the process of moving houses, we find these things and remember the joy associated with them.
Our first inclination is to hold on to these things, tucking them away for another dose of joy on a random future day when “found” again.

I suggest you explore Marie Kondo‘s approach to such things.  When found and joy remembered, thank the item for the the joy received, as well as the memory of the season or person remembered.  Then take a picture of it if you would like, and release the item to the world for someone else to find and create a blessing of their own.

Whether providing joy or pure utility to the next person, you will be passing along a blessing that you no longer need.

As you release what you do not need, think forward to the blessing on others as well as the space you are creating for you and your family both for needed items but also space to create fun and a place of opportunity for what you build next.

I hope this idea is a blessing to you! Annette