Arriving Relocation Week One

Relocation Arrival Week

Arriving in the new community excites even the calmest of people.  Everything is new and there is so much possibility in the air.  Anything could happen.  And at this point everything we are thinking about it is good.

Excitement and Optimism is the best way to start this week because this first week in the new community is filled with more decisions than you have ever made before.  Each day is filled with new ideas and information.  More than one person can adequately take in a single day.  There are things that miss expectations and people who don’t do what they said they would do.

But that is OK.  This week is about possibility and the opportunity to create a life desired.

After finalizing the home, either a lease or closing on a home, it is time to wait on the moving trucks and people.  A puzzle comes together as the boxes and furniture arrives.  Like a game of Tetris each piece from sofa to ladle find a place in the home.  Constant questions, “where will this fit” and “how could this be most useful”, float in the air as the home comes together.  Not everything is perfect, but that is to be expected and deemed OK.

Next comes the 1st week’s tools and organizations that need to be discovered, turned on and sourced; city services, schools, hardware stores, take out restaurants, parks, grocery stores and everything else that makes a life run regular on a daily basis.  Knowing when trash and recycle pick up is, is imperative as the boxes are emptied. 

As the boxes are unpacked and the community is explored, for all of those things lost or misplaced in the moment, we begin to see the community.  These practical outings into the community provide an easy way to meet people and ask questions.  If New York pizza brings a sense of calm to the family, the checker at the hardware store may know.

One of the best referrals I got early on was for a chiropractor.  Heaven knows after moving all of those boxes of dishes, all of us needed an adjustment.  The referral came from someone who had an ongoing knee problem.  She swore the Chiropractor would fix us up.  After 5 years of seeing him regularly, I trusted that he was the real deal.  Now after 11 years here in the Mid-Cities, Dr. Chatfield is still our go to Chiropractor.

The Hardest Thing

By the end of the 1st week you will recognize the hardest thing of relocation.  After daily physical activity and making hundreds of decisions a day for a week, mental and physical exhaustion/overwhelm will set in.  This is sneaky. Because after making so many decisions and being so effective all week, it seems like the new found super power will never end.

But this super power only lasts so long.

As the mental and physical exhaustion sets in, deciding where the random fork goes becomes the hardest thing.  You question yourself repeatedly, “WHY IS THIS SO HARD?? LOOK AT ALL I HAVE DONE!!”  Overwhelm takes over.

Loosing patience with ourselves.  Questioning ourselves.  Judging our abilities or lack there of can send even the toughest most stoic ReloMoms down a spiral of despair.

This is the point at which we begin to question everything.  Perhaps even our sanity.

Know that this is “NORMALE”

The Italian version of normal just sounds better.  Even calming.

Click on this link to hear it- “normale.”
I love how he says “normale”

This is Normal.  I want you to know and believe this before you have landed in the middle of it.  Understanding that this is normal, allows us to recognize the early symptoms.  Perhaps inoculating us against a full exhausted exhaustion overwhelm infection.

Expecting, Pausing, Preventing

By being on the look out for exhaustion and overwhelm, we can prevent a full infection, before it takes root in our brains.  If not we will:

    • Run out of physical energy,
    • Run out of mental energy and
    • Run out of decision-making ability,


In the first week, believing this, gives all of us all a reasonable pass on the self-judgement and criticism that complicates the situation.  When relocation decisions are pending, thinking that we are stupid and incapable, slows us down.

Relocation tasks have to be done.  We do not need to be slowed down by our own thinking.

Now Pause…

The pause allows acknowledgement of the current state.  That acknowledgement provides space to take a breath.  To make room in an hour or a day.  To choose to recharge with something that feeds us mentally and physically.

And Prevent…

Relocation is a never ending flow of activity, new information and series of decisions.  Life is not business as usual. Even though we know how to put together a home…even though we know how to register kids for school…even though we know how to make dinner…doesn’t mean it is easy or we are able to do any of these things during the first seven day after move-in day.

Plan time for you to be you.  Do something normale, have your kind of fun and prevent The Hardest Thing.

Relocation is a whole life adventure, memorable and life/career expanding for everyone. 

A well crafted relocation plan takes you from the initial decision through logistics to creating home. 

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