ReloMoms is born out of a personal journey of relo, connect, relo, connect….and relo, and connect happened over and over again.

Relocation isolates, by its very nature.  And even those of us who have done this before, struggle as we once again “figure out” how to live in _______, again.  Alone.

The frustrations, adventures and lessons learned over the years led me to write, search, learn from other ReloMoms and share along the way.  This website is designed to reach as many ReloMoms as I can, to encourage, provide truths/plans and give hope that the sun will shine again.

When I was younger, I was regularly asked if my father and/or my husband was in the military.  Up until I was 40, I moved 13 times to and within 6 states, as well as enjoyed 2 years as an Expat in Europe.  Half of these moves occurred as a child and half as an adult.  It fit the model, but no.  Both my father’s and husband’s sales careers led and dictated the addresses, all but ONE TIME.

The experiences made me great at beginnings, a little sketchy at middles and long-term relationships outside of my family remained a mystery for most of my life.  It wasn’t until I was living in London that I realized the gap and thought I don’t really do well with real connections.

I began researching and writing about change, connections, friendships and the process of relocating from practical to physical and emotional.

Connecting is the tipping point of relocating successfully.  In order to smooth out the relo bumps and frustration, all types of connections from acquaintance to support must be established.

ReloMoms works with the practicals of things like moving trucks, realtors and how to get a drivers license while weaving in a reminder to learn, adapt while being you, and connect along the way.

Through this journey, I hope to smooth out some of your bumps and help you be present, and be part of this season of life.

A Questions and Answers page is starting soon.  If you have any burning questions or helps for your ReloMom friends, please email them to

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